Our Special Responsibility: to Proactively Protect the Climate

As a manufacturer of eco-friendly KRONOPLY OSB bright, we feel a special responsibility to protect the climate. Our corporate principles oblige us to take action by conserving fossil resources and reducing CO2 emissions. We also consistently use environmentally sound processes to manufacture all of our products.

Using wood, a natural raw material, and environmentally compatible binders, we produce modern wood-based materials with eco-friendly, healthy profiles.

Carbon-Neutral Production and a Biomass-Fuelled Power Plant

The manufacture of our wood-based products is almost carbon-neutral. We use all raw materials as completely as possible, including incinerating scrap to release the energy it contains. At our Vásárosnamény facility, all production waste such as sanding dust and wood chips is converted into electricity by a special biomass-fuelled power plant.


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