Eco-Friendly Building and Healthy Living with SWISS KRONO OSB bright

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03. October 2017 | October 2017 – SWISS KRONO OSB bright paves the way for forward-looking, eco-friendly, high-quality building for people who want to live in harmony with the environment and enjoy better health. Wood and engineered wood belong to the category of valuable green construction materials. Their natural properties give rise to a pleasant indoor climate and balanced atmosphere.

Creative designs with SWISS KRONO OSB bright

The still-young SWISS KRONO plant in Vásárosnamény, Hungary is one of the world’s most advanced of its kind. Since November 2016 it has been producing universally usable, high-performance, sustainable SWISS KRONO OSB bright boards.

Eco-Homes Made with SWISS KRONO OSB bright

Houses built with wood and wood-based materials are healthy to live in and good for the environment while letting their occupants enjoy a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere and indoor climate. The many uses of SWISS KRONO OSB bright boards include loadbearing roofing, wall cladding and floors. It is, in fact, the ideal building material for everyone who attaches importance to eco-friendly, healthy living.

1. Building materials with reduced emissions for a healthy indoor climate

The materials used to build a house crucially impact its indoor climate. In this connection, wood-based materials are often criticised for the formaldehyde contained in the binders that are used to produce them. SWISS KRONO, however, uses only completely formaldehyde-free binders to make OSB bright. The boards thus contain only the formaldehyde that is naturally present in wood, and their formaldehyde emissions, at 0.01ppm, are far below the ceiling established by the European E1 formaldehyde emissions standard. Because of this, they may also be used in sensitive areas and applications subject to stricter requirements. The natural formaldehyde emissions from wood are even less than the concentrations found in the ambient air of some cities.

2. Natural moisture regulation

SWISS KRONO OSB bright has a reduced permeability to water vapour and can therefore serve as a vapour barrier, eliminating the need for damp-proofing membranes. At the same time, it supports the trend towards water-vapour-permeable buildings that permit natural moisture regulation for a better indoor climate.

3. Environmentally friendly production

Where the environment is concerned, SWISS KRONO Kft. strives to set a responsible example for others to follow. The firm does everything in its power to keep its consumption of raw materials, water and energy as low as possible, reuses wastewater, energy and heat, and even takes advantage of production scrap to minimise its use of fossil fuels. It’s also a documented fact that less energy is consumed to make wood-based materials than most other construction materials.

4. Wood: a renewable raw material

Those who choose to build with wood and wood-based materials make an active contribution to our environment, because wood is the only renewable raw material. SWISS KRONO encourages ecological silvicultural practices by using only FSC-certified thinnings from sustainably managed forests in the region. Wood and wood-based materials also have the ability to bind and store carbon dioxide, thus lastingly extracting it from the atmosphere. In these ways as well, wood and wood-based materials make a major contribution to curbing CO2-related environmental problems. When wood is used in eco-friendly ways to maximise the benefits of this raw material throughout the lifecycle of building products, it supports today’s demands for sustainable recycling-based economies.

The physical and technical properties of SWISS KRONO OSB bright

SWISS KRONO OSB bright is CE-certified and manufactured in compliance with EN 13986 and EN 300. The boards are designed for normal loads, making them ideally suited for loadbearing and reinforcing applications. OSB boards are far stronger than conventional particleboard of the same thickness, in addition to having excellent dimensional stability. This reduces weight, which facilitates construction and assembly while using less material.

The sturdy SWISS KRONO OSB bright boards feature a special ContiFinish®, which makes them suitable for use in moist rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms and on exteriors where they aren’t exposed to the weather.


The following images may be used free of charge in press publications provided that they are credited to “SWISS KRONO”.

Building with wood-based materials for healthy living and energy conservation: SWISS KRONO OSB was extensively used to construct this home.
Modern architecture with SWISS KRONO OSB bright
Creative designs with SWISS KRONO OSB bright
Rooms made with wood and wood-based materials for healthy living
Timber-frame construction with SWISS KRONO OSB: extensive prefabrication with multiple benefits
Prefabricated modules for rapid on-site assembly

About SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary

INTERSPAN Faipari Kft., established in 1988 and subsequently renamed SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary, is based in Vásárosnamény and belongs to the SWISS KRONO GROUP, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood. The plant originally specialised in producing raw particleboard and coated chipboard for furniture and interior finishing applications. Since 2016, however, SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary has been making two different versions of SWISS KRONO OSB. With capacity for an output 300,000sqm of OSB boards a year, SWISS KRONO Kft. Hungary quickly and reliably serves major international markets. The 100 staff of Hungary’s only OSB producer use wood, a natural raw material, and environmentally friendly bonding resin to make modern wood-based materials with a healthy, eco-friendly profile.

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Dr. Marcin Luty
Managing Director of SWISS KRONO Kft.
Phone: +36 45 571 105

Ipar utca 1
H – 4800 Vásárosnamény

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