Forward-Looking Sustainability

We attach equal importance to three aspects: protecting the environment, striving for business success and meeting our responsibilities to society.

The best example of how we efficiently and sustainably manage the natural resource of wood is by successively using it for different purposes. Also known as cascading use, it is good for the environment in every way.

With our innovative products and solutions for healthier living, we improve our own environmental footprint as well as those of our customers and suppliers. In the realm of business, we are committed to long-term, continuous creation of value. And we contribute to society by fostering and training our employees and getting actively involved in the local community.

Eco-Friendly Construction

We know from experience that owners, architects, dealers and the building trades are increasingly opting for forward-looking, eco-friendly, high-quality construction methods. New architectural concepts are giving rise to attractive new solutions for modern-minded people who want to lead healthy lives in harmony with the environment.

Houses built using wood and wood-based materials are environmentally friendly while providing a healthy, pleasant living environment.

For us, industrial productivity and environmental protection go hand in hand. We therefore apply state-of-the-art technologies to promote naturally healthy quality of life, and exclusively produce eco-friendly wood-based materials. Our processes are based on natural material cycles and energy flows. These economically and environmentally sustainable principles deliver multiple benefits: to our customers, to us and, ultimately, to the environment.


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